Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

The impact of technology on the travel and tourism industry is enormous as it has not only provided convenience to the travelers but has also helped the travel and tourism industry to stay in touch with their clients.

Travelers now-a-days view their travel experience comprehensively and are very well connected with the digital transformations that are taking place. Expectations of guests for personalized services are propelling the Travel, Transportation, Logistics and Hospitality industry to provide the best of customer experiences.

SNIQSYS helps companies in the Travel, Transportation and Hospitality industries leverage technology to systematically, resourcefully and cost-effectively fulfill their most pressing business needs.

We are able to deliver substantial value through:

  • Understanding of travel business context and domain experience with special focus and integrated approach towards disruptive technologies
  • Our solutions accelerators operational range in various areas of management systems to engage customers’ data model and analytic frameworks.
  • Our solutions help quickly create and easily manage modules of customer experience management for serving personalized deliverables.
  • Our enterprise application provides identity assurance.
  • Our solutions have provision of user operation systems which enable single user sign on all enterprise applications.
  • Our solutions are featured access control based systems including data security, distribution channels, log management, monitoring of application data and errors logs.