SNIQSYS helps companies to derive strategic business value from Enterprise Data, Sensor Generated Data, Machine Data and Social Data. SNIQSYS’s business analytics services practice assembles the right people, methodologies, processes and technologies to create the appropriate strategy, planning and implementation solutions for you.

Our competitive advantages include

  • Microsoft analytics platform system.
  • Google analytics.
  • Amazon Web Services.
  • Successful implementation of analytics in various verticals such as retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Advertising, Banking, and Financial services, etc.
  • Big data analysis.

Various departments in your operations that are in need of analytic solutions are

  • Sales analytics.
  • Web and Application traffic.
  • Marketing Analytics.
  • Human Resource Analytics.
  • Performance Analytics.
  • Fraud Prevention.
  • Industrial Analytics.
  • Consumer Analytics.

Our range of Services include consulting in various verticals

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Science.
  • Data Management.
  • Big Data Consulting.
  • Outsourced Data Analytics.
  • Business Intelligence