AI & Automation

Artificial Intelligence

AI for Artificial Intelligence is defined as the Machine-driven simulation of human intelligence and gestures controlled by a structured set of commands and algorithms. AI can be distinguished as a ‘strong’ AI or a ‘weak’ AI depending on how strongly machines are programmed to deliver results. Artificial Intelligence is a broad science leveraging Machine Learning, Reasoning, Computing, and Self-Correction, based on software inputs.

Today, we find Artificial Intelligence scenarios transforming the world of Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Neural Networking for thousands of AI-related applications.

These applications include-

  • Image Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • NLP and NLG
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Chatbots and Voice Pattern Recognition
  • Humanoids and Simulation
  • Computer vision


Most IT departments spend around 50% of their time on repetitive manual maintenance tasks that occur due to unexpected configuration changes. That being the case, there is very less time spent on quick deployment of applications and moving the business ahead. This is where automation steps in.

Five major benefits of Automation:

  • Increase Productivity
    You can save time and money by eliminating the lag time between jobs and minimizing operator intervention. In some cases, you can reduce working hours from your process that lets you perform more work and significantly improve productivity.
  • High Availability
    Today, with increased cloud computing, it is nearly unacceptable to have a system outage. With automation in place, IT operations can provide quick and timely rescue to performance degradation issues, ensuring high availability.
  • Reliability
    Critical functions including releasing jobs, performing backups, ensuring communications and more will now be reliably executed by the automation tool, relieving the operations personnel from hours of tedious, boring and manual tasks
  • Improve Performance
    Every organization would aim at having their enterprise perform without any interruption. Although advancements help in doing this, there is always an equal dose of work demand, eventually exceeding the level of the company’s capability. With automation, the same capacity can handle a greater amount of work.  
  • Reduce Costs
    How much would a system outage, a human error or redoing a complete operation affect your business? When compared to that, spending for an effective IT automation tool will actually help create a highly efficient and cost effective environment